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Lee's Bitchin' Journal

Lee Driggers
14 May
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hrmm me...take a typical guy, erase anything that makes him typical, and youll have me. but i still like to have fun...

"different" people, #41, , 311, acoustic guitar, affection, aim, alfred reed, alias, bandana's, beach, beach walks, beanies, beautiful women, ben harper, best friends, birkenstocks, bittorrent, bluegrass, blues traveler, boy meets world, burger king, caffeine, cake, cell phones, cheap apple juice, cheap clothes, cheese, coldplay, college, combo's, computers, cool water, cuddling, dancing, dave chapelle, dave matthews band, day dreaming, dirt roads, dispatch, driving, dropkick murphys, elliott smith, er, eyes, family guy, fire, flirting, french, friends, george carlin, georgia southern university, goldfish, guitar, guster, half baked, having "fun", hot showers, hugs, incubus, internet, jack black, jack johnson, jamocha shakes, jason mraz, jay and silent bob, john mayer, kisses, late classes, laziness, lord of the rings, love, lust, macaroni and cheese, mandolin, massages, mini skirts, mountain dew, mtv, music, new people, new york city, nickel creek, norah jones, orange juice, partying, passion, pearl jam, photography, pillows, pizza, powerade, publix subs, rapunzel, red hot chili peppers, road trips, running, seinfield, singing, sister hazel, sleep, snow, snow skiing, southpark, star wars, stars, strawberries, sublime, system of a down, tenacious d, tennis, text messaging, that 70's show, the beach, the beatles, the derek trucks band, the naked chef, the o.c., the real world, the simpsons, the wonder years, thunderstorms, tight jeans, tim reynolds, tostitos, trumpet, tv, twister, wal-mart, whataburger