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28 April 2004 @ 01:38 pm
so the end of my first year off at college has about come to an end. its crazy, i mean sometimes i feel like i should still be in highschool. but here i am, in my own bedroom with my own bed, and no one to rule over me! it was awesome. i mean i stayed out trouble for the most part, but that was mainly because i was poor :)

anywho, all i have to do now, is study study study for my last final. calculus. all i have to do is make an 85 on the final to get an A, i never though that would be possible. ive busted ass in the class with all the homework and test, its going to actually be my first A that i had to earn, and not just get cause it was so damned easy (like highschool).

jesse is gone, he just left and i helped him take all of his shit out, he got most of it. i dont know how, but i have so much more. i reckon i'll be leaving some of my stuff up here for a lil while at least. ill leave some basic amenities, so if i want to get away from thomasville, or make a stop on a road trip, or just come up here and have a grand ol' time i'll be able to!

so im off to study, and start cleaning up this place, cause i damned sure dont want to come back to a dirty room and bathroom.

and if anyone knows, i need help on how to write songs :) im trying to write a few on my guitar, but i dont really know what would you call it, song theory?
21 April 2004 @ 02:29 am
1 test, 2 exams to go :)

still trying to figure out my plans for the summer, any ideas, fun is preferred, and lots of money!

in other news, i went to prom over the weekend and had a fucking great time, lots of fun, thanks to all those involved.

"i just like to look at my hottie from all angles, is that alright?!?"
hah, no one will understand that :P

i reckon since i have some pictures i might as well post one or two of them:

sexy bitches ehh?!?
jesse and i

my lovely date, jade
07 April 2004 @ 03:48 am
so yah, im on my way to a better healthier lee.

ive recently tried watching what i eat moreso, and been working out. ive been doing a lot or research about diets and workout routines, its coming along well. hopefully i'll be able to implement them soon, when i acquire some money. it'll take a lot hard work, but i can do it :) ill be ripped by the end of the summer if all goes well :)
05 April 2004 @ 02:51 am
i need to update more, its therapeutic (spelling?). i always have these great things i want to talk about, or say, but am just to fucking lazy. sad i know, im working on it!

if im still up in a bit, ill do that whole anonymous thingy that liz and alexa did, its pretty spiffy.
05 April 2004 @ 02:44 am
wow, so i just wrote a huge entry, talking about me being lazy and changing it. it involved a lot of stuff. i even copied it, in case it messed up.

i then proceeded to post some pictures of my new haircut, and when i clicked to find out the code i need, this page went away. no big deal, i copied it, but like an idiot, i copied the code. which means all that went bye bye. i think someone hates me, and trys to prevent me from any type of dream i conjour up.

heres haircut pics, they're a lil ghetto.

before haircut

after haircut
14 March 2004 @ 02:28 am
wow im not tired, but im going to chuch in the morning for the first time in forever...

"skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet!" "what?!? what?!?"

biotches :)
10 March 2004 @ 03:26 am
hah today i had to sing a song in front of my vocal class. yah, umm ive never even looked at it, so i mean i was sightreading it and everything, boy did i mess up and look stupid. ohh well i blamed it on performance anxiety, which i dont really have, i mean hell i played the solo at the central tville game. but i looked it, cause i was cold as hell and shivering.

played some spades, drunken spades, not on my part. lost because of it :(

i just registered. it only lets me register 14 hours and i need 19, i have to figure that out tomorrow. its looking good so far though.
An Economics class, intro to international studies, health, music theory for non-major, guitar for non-majors, intermediate tennis (i hope iim good enough for that), and social dance :) hah! i need a 3 hour class and either 2 more 1 hour's or another 2hour. im hoping to get into music appreciation class that is once a week on wednesday night for forever long, but i hear that its not bad. or maybe ill have to drop a one hour class and take 2 more 3 hour classes.

im looking up apartment information for next year. i have a housing contract to stay here next year. but i could live in an apartment that was all inclusive, for the same or cheaper. plus id could drive to class instead of having to walk (the way parking permits work here), and have no restrictions whatsoever, i wouldnt have to worry about a beer or something in the fridge, or putting holes in the wall (like screw holes).
and, my housing contract has jesse and i on it. and what i believe is two black guys. and yah i couldnt do that.

i have to decide what im going to do this summer soon. i have a 12 month contract here for this place, which i need to figure out. i think i have to tell them i dont want to live here. but if i can't get out of it, i guess i will go here.

otherwise, ill come home to thomasville and get a job. i might live at home, or some place for the summer. and take a class or 2.

also i might could goto tallahassee, work there and goto school. (my uncle lives there)

i love jack johnson lately!

im going out tomorrow night and having a great time! even though i have 8-10 calculus problems due on thursday, which doesnt sound like much, but will take forever!
01 March 2004 @ 04:09 am
short story:

i went skiing this weekend, it was awesome, and drove a lot!

more later...need sleep *grunt*
25 February 2004 @ 05:59 pm
alright im off to study for my calculus test tomorrow. i'll be gone until i think i can make an A, however long that is, if anyone needs me send me a text message or something. i found this cool new service, you just send it through the email.

just type in whatever you want to and send to 2292541037@teleflip.com

i believe that should work, and its free for you!
22 February 2004 @ 06:41 am
hah i love ebay, you can get almost anyone to give you a refund if you even mention giving bad feedback :)

that concerns the bullshit i new i was going to pay for, but i was curious and it was $2.00. so i got my $2.00 back and the bullshit way of getting free dvds. if you want to know what it is (hint click on my last entry) or give me $2.00 :P