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20 May 2004 @ 03:22 am
well today i did pretty good about getting up. well paul got me up around 1100, because i actually passed out sometime last night, id guess before 100?!?

came home and just started cleaning up, i had/have like a million loads of laundry and had to mow the yard. got most of it done, and ohh yah ironing my khacki's. wow, that must be an art cause it takes me forever to do them, maybe im just to anal about them?!?

i have to goto my uncles wedding this weekend, its up in north carolina, and a place called lake toxaway. my aunt (melissa), mom and i will be leaving friday morning at 700, yes, 700 in the freaking morning bah. ohh well, no big deal seeing as i get to go to jade and kristens graduation in cairo now. that makes me happy :)

jade prolly came over 600ish, and we decided on our plans, dinner here (save money :)), and head to tally to see shrek 2. we had some pan fried chicken breast, and some alfredo noodles, with some biscuits. jade had some cheese potato stuff, stouffers?!? anywho, i concluded thats is what made her feel so bad, her stomach, i think it was just heartburn, but i was starting to have some sympathy pains. we were going to try and make the 830 movie, didnt happen, so the 900, didnt happen, we had to stop and the gas station and get some pepto, and try to fix her stomach. but we made the 930 movie. so yah, most disney sequels suck, but i have to say it was quite hilarious. lots of other movie references. we headed back this way, got here, 1200ish, she headed home and i talked to momma got on here, and now i goto bed for tomorrow will be another day. more laundry, ugg...
thinking_fool on May 21st, 2004 09:39 pm (UTC)
just letting you know.. this is my(paul) new journal :-D