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Lee Driggers
20 January 2005 @ 07:29 pm

hrmm do these girls look familiar, i bet they do!!!
Lee Driggers
01 July 2004 @ 01:03 am
My Best Friend is thinking_fool
Our 30 common interests are: affection, alfred reed, best friends, bluegrass, blues traveler, cake, coldplay, college, cuddling, dave chapelle, dave matthews band, day dreaming, driving, family guy, george carlin, jay and silent bob, love, passion, publix subs, road trips, southpark, star wars, strawberries, sublime, system of a down, tenacious d, the simpsons, tim reynolds, twister, whataburger
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

and its true, he is my best friend :)

ohh yah by the way its been crazy. i just finished working two jobs at once. now its just at ruby tuesday's. stop and visit.

i love you all!
Lee Driggers
30 May 2004 @ 06:01 pm
i want to see my girlfriend, she has been on a cruise all weekend, ahh im scared of that!

jade on my shoulders
Lee Driggers
25 May 2004 @ 01:09 am
alright so who wants to go? i love some sister hazel, there awesome live! plus if i remember correctly i like the opener matt nathanson, ill have to listen to him again...

Lee Driggers
20 May 2004 @ 03:22 am
well today i did pretty good about getting up. well paul got me up around 1100, because i actually passed out sometime last night, id guess before 100?!?

came home and just started cleaning up, i had/have like a million loads of laundry and had to mow the yard. got most of it done, and ohh yah ironing my khacki's. wow, that must be an art cause it takes me forever to do them, maybe im just to anal about them?!?

i have to goto my uncles wedding this weekend, its up in north carolina, and a place called lake toxaway. my aunt (melissa), mom and i will be leaving friday morning at 700, yes, 700 in the freaking morning bah. ohh well, no big deal seeing as i get to go to jade and kristens graduation in cairo now. that makes me happy :)

jade prolly came over 600ish, and we decided on our plans, dinner here (save money :)), and head to tally to see shrek 2. we had some pan fried chicken breast, and some alfredo noodles, with some biscuits. jade had some cheese potato stuff, stouffers?!? anywho, i concluded thats is what made her feel so bad, her stomach, i think it was just heartburn, but i was starting to have some sympathy pains. we were going to try and make the 830 movie, didnt happen, so the 900, didnt happen, we had to stop and the gas station and get some pepto, and try to fix her stomach. but we made the 930 movie. so yah, most disney sequels suck, but i have to say it was quite hilarious. lots of other movie references. we headed back this way, got here, 1200ish, she headed home and i talked to momma got on here, and now i goto bed for tomorrow will be another day. more laundry, ugg...
Lee Driggers
18 May 2004 @ 02:31 am
let see today i slept uber late...200ish almost 300. ohh well, im tired now kind of so i'll goto bed soon

my mom and i went to tally to go shopping for the wedding that we have to goto this weekend. i got some nice new threads, i'll post some pics later. i got some fancy grey pants from banana republic. a yellow and blue oxford from a&f, and a white and blue tie with diagonal strips from parisians. i was so out of it down in tally.

lately for some reason i havent been able to eat as much, im not quite sure why?!? things that i could normally eat easily, i just can't eat. i'll get to the point where if i take another bite, ill just spew. i reckon my tummy is just get a lil smaller.

i gotta get my pants himmed/hymed, however you spell it, up. pick up my clothes from the drycleaners, ill attempt to goto the highschoool and see some folks. also i have to wash some laundry and clean up a bit.

after 300 or so, ill head over to jades in cairo, hopefully we can wash my car if there's time. goto to some lil meeting of her's for her senior cruise, gah i wish i could go on a cruise :(. then watch shrek, cause wednesday we're gonna go see shrek 2!

im out like a light, night :)
Lee Driggers
14 May 2004 @ 03:31 pm
i want to be a roue. yah thatd be nice :)

i doubt many of yall know what that is so... here it is, a lil bit of french :)

Lee Driggers
09 May 2004 @ 11:44 pm
alright today...

i was suppose to be in cairo to see jade because they had a mothers day concert. bah what a stupid day to have it, i bet there were some pissed moms that did not want to be there. i had to haul ass when i got home, change it to some not so formal clothes. and i had no freaking gas, and i swear i caught all of the red lights. grr...i have the worst luck sometimes with lil things. anywho i got there, i was happy to see jade, i haven't seen her since monday. which i mean i guess is normal for us not seeing each other a week at a time (when i was still at school), but now that im only 15 minutes away. gah she makes me smile, no girl has ever treated me with just umm outright niceness, i dont know, pays me mind maybe, well as good as i deserve to be treated! things are gonna be good with her, i hope...

after that, i went to my grandma's and just hung around, my uncle came and cleaned my gma's truck. i clean my wheels are tires real well, id never done that, they had a dirt film on the tires, and tons of brake dust on the wheels.

we had hamburgers, and my mom came over when she got off of work. i got my mom a CD that i knew she wanted, but she had no clue i even knew who the person was. it was diana krall, and a lil mini cake. and i got my grandma a movie she wanted, love actually.

now i sit here stringing my guitar, ohh yah and i had a good rest of the weekend...
Lee Driggers
02 May 2004 @ 02:34 pm
alrighty, my last entry for a while, that is while im still in the 'boro.

its been a fun ride. ive had lots of good experiences up here. learned a lot. i loved it. it was what i always wanted, total freedom and i had it, and i took full advantage of it.

i decided before i left id clean the hell out of my room and bathroom. so when i come back at least something will be clean, cause lord know the kitchen is still a hell hole. but none of that was my doing...ehh.

ill be back at some point over the summer because i have a 12 month contract. ill come up when i get bored, get sick of thomasville the town i oddly enough desire to be in right now, or my mom starts to get really fussy (bitchy).

im out, time to turn off the computer and take it the hoefinder as one of my friends from here would call it.
Lee Driggers
30 April 2004 @ 03:08 am
bah its finally over :) yay

sleep now, clean up tomorrow day, party tomorrow night, saturday home i reckon